Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New office

Today is my second day at the new office (new office, but still the same employer ;p).

What I like about the new office:
-         -Yummy (free) coffee at the pantry – I’ve (unfortunately, perhaps) acquired the taste of coffee around a few months ago
-          -More accessibility to other places by public transport (eg LRT to KLCC, commuter to Midvalley), and other facilities in general eg shops/banks/post office
-          -Easier to collaborate because of the open concept
- Closer to team of support staffs, some of whom I work quite closely with
- Great view from higher level - love the floor to ceiling glass wall

What I dislike about the new office:
-         - Longer walk (hence takes longer time) to get lunch, but yes, perhaps more variety. Awkward to lunch alone, hence extra hassle to arrange for lunch company.
-          -Very little personal storage
-         - No anchored desk (floating desk system) so can’t personalise desk or leave anything there
-          -More things to carry around the neck – security cards and keys
-          -Must always remember to take out smart card from laptop because it also doubles as security card
-          -More walking – walking to the locker, further from carpark to desk, to surau, to lunch etc – but yes, good as exercise
-          -Probably will take longer to commute because of traffic. It’s still ok now, but probably only because it’s the school holiday. I’ll only know the true picture next year.
-          -Less privacy – even more open space. People can view your monitor easily.
- No docking station - tedious to plug and unplug 5 or 6 cables everyday

Seems like the second list is longer eh? But it’s still early days.


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